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I was raised in the forest and always held a connection to mystery and spirits of nature. Wanting to ground my connection to this spirit, I explored more clinical methods of healing through the study of psychology, resulting in 20 years of practice as a clinical counsellor and psychologist. My orientation to counselling is inclusive, safe, practical, and rooted in respect for the natural world. I live my practice and integrate my values of health and healing into a way of life.

My therapeutic approach is based on this combination of twenty years of clinical experience with my lifelong passion and study of spiritual practices, body-centered therapies, and consciousness studies to provide a trauma sensitive approach to deep inner work and transformation. A large focus of this work is transforming trauma within our current lives as well as cultural wounding, ancestral attachments, and releasing karmic patterns. In addition to healing work, I help individuals develop healthy relationships with spirits and ancestral connections to access alignment with their true nature and developing their own self-healing practices.

I was raised on my ancestral lands in Western Canada. My heritage also extends to Scotland, England, and Finland. With extensive study in Buddhist, Hindu, and Nordic traditions, I continually expand my knowledge of diverse spiritual practices. I also hold a deep soul connection to India and Fiji as both countries captured my heart over the years of study and travel. I spend my free time balancing many hobbies including exploring our beautiful natural world, practising yoga and consciousness studies, discovering the magic of myths and fairy tales, and finding inspiration from spirit through the ancient practice of fibre arts.

My professional training includes:


  • A deep commitment to my own healing and growth as I believe that I can only go as far with a client that I have gone myself. 

  • Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology with a focus on somatic trauma therapy through mindfulness and nature

  • Two-year comprehensive training in Hakomi Method, a body-oriented approach to psychological healing. Additionally specialised Hakomi influenced training with Natural Processing Somatic EMDR and Psoma Yoga.

  • Certified Hypnotherapist with extensive study integrating Buddhist Psychology, Shamanic Practices, and Energy Medicine through the Sacred Stream Foundation

  • A deep interest and study of Yoga practice and philosophy, as well as other traditional spiritual practices such as animist or shamanic practices, ancestral healing, and practices of ritual and rites of passage. 

My Professional Affiliations: 

  • National Counselling Society

  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

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